Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Equinox Sale — 50% off all PDFs (until March 21, 2011)

Golden Elixir Press celebrates the forthcoming Spring Equinox with a 50% discount on all PDF editions.

This year's Spring Equinox is on Sunday, March 20, 23:21 UTC. The sale is currently open, and will end on Monday, March 21, 23:20 UTC. (Depending on your location, the sale may end as early as Monday, 12:20, or as late as Tuesday, 16:20, local time.)

To use the 50% discount, please visit this web page:
Golden Elixir Spring Equinox Sale

Titles and Discounts

Wang Mu, Foundations of Internal Alchemy: The Taoist Practice of Neidan
US$  9.95  > 4.98

Fabrizio Pregadio, Awakening to Reality: A Taoist Classic of Internal Alchemy
US$  9.95  > 4.98

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Hinduism and Buddhism
US$  8.95  > 4.48

Jami, Flashes of Light: A Treatise on Sufism
US$  4.99  > 2.50

Shaikh Sharfuddin Maneri, Letters from a Sufi Teacher
US$  5.99  > 3.00

Fabrizio Pregadio, Chinese Alchemy: An Annotated Bibliography
US$  5.00  > 2.50

Fabrizio Pregadio, Index of Zhonghua Daozang
US$  9.95  > 4.98

Fabrizio Pregadio, Index of Zhengtong Daozang
Free download

Golden Elixir Press wishes everyone a Happy Spring!

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