Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chinese Alchemy in the Persée Portal

Persée is a free collection of journal articles published in France. It contains at present about 90,000 articles, mostly in French, but also in English and other languages. It is in some ways the French response to JSTOR, with the important difference that access is free and open to everybody: "Anyone and everyone may search, browse, and consult the documents dissiminated via the Persée portal, without restrictions, free of charge."

The collection contains these articles on Chinese alchemy:

• "Inner Alchemy: Notes on the Origin and Use of the Term Neidan," Farzeen Baldrian-Hussein

• "Taoist Beliefs in Literary Circles of the Sung Dynasty: Su Shi (1037-1101) and his Techniques of Survival," Farzeen Baldrian-Hussein

• "Lü Tung-pin in Northern Sung Literature," Farzeen Baldrian-Hussein

• "Le corps, champ spatio-temporel, souche d'identité," Catherine Despeux (in my opinion, the best survey of the Chinese and Taoist views of the human body)

• "L'alchimie intérieure réhabilitée?," Vincent Goossaert (review of Isabelle Robinet, Introduction à l'alchimie intérieure taoïste)

• "L'alchimie en Chine: Pratique et théorie," Joseph Needham

• "The Representation of Time in the Zhouyi cantong qi," Fabrizio Pregadio

• "Le monde à l'envers dans l'alchimie intérieure taoïste," Isabelle Robinet

• "Le rôle et le sens des nombres dans la cosmologie et l'alchimie taoïstes," Isabelle Robinet

• "Recherche sur l'alchimie intérieure (neidan): L'école Zhenyuan," Isabelle Robinet

• "L'alchimie interne dans le taoïsme," Isabelle Robinet [Review of Farzeen Baldrian-Hussein, Procédés Secrets du Joyau Magique—Traité d'Alchimie Taoïste du Xle siècle]

The Persée website is here:

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