Friday, January 7, 2011

Jami, Flashes of Light: A Treatise on Sufism

Golden Elixir Press is pleased to announce the publication of Flashes of Light: A Treatise on Sufism, by Jami ('Abd al-Rahman al-Jami).

The book is available only in a digital version, in two formats: PDF and EPUB. Both versions are priced at US$ 4.99. A Kindle version should be available in a few days from Amazon.com.

Web page
20-page preview (PDF)

Publication details

Flashes of Light: A Treatise on Sufism
Golden Elixir Press, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9843082-2-4 (ebook)
x+72 pp., US$ 4.99 (PDF or EPUB)

The renowned Persian thinker and poet 'Abd al-Rahman al-Jami (1414-92 CE) wrote his Flashes of Light (Lawa'ih) to explain "the intuitions and verities displayed on the pages of the hearts and minds of men of insight and divine knowledge." Each section of his work consists of a discussion in prose and a portion in verses. Jami provides one of the best, synthetic introductions to Sufi spirituality.

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